As well as English lessons and courses, we offer a range of services relating to English speaking audiences. Whether you need a website, or need a letter proof-read before sending it, we're at your service.

English Publicity

Want to attract English-speaking tourists or clients to your business?

Get a state of the art website built to attract more customers, and show the world what services you offer. Use business cards, leaflets and other marketing strategies to help your business grow.

Contact us to discuss our competitive fees for this service.


First impressions are important! Make a positive impression on your English-speaking clients, customers and friends by ensuring that you are using the correct forms of the English language.

Avoid embarrassing errors by having us check your English messages, menus, marketing and documents.

Contact us to discuss our competitive fees for this service.

Private Tutoring

As well as offering scheduled English courses, we can also provide private tuition for those who want a more personal service. Contact us to arrange a time and price, and we will tailor-make a program for you.

100 DH per hour

Please contact us or visit our centre for more information.

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